Concussion Management

The Western Connecticut Concussion Center at Associated Neurologists, PC, consists of a team of specialists dedicated to helping you heal from concussion swiftly and safely. Physical Therapy is an essential step in the management of concussion, and physical therapy treatment may be recommended by your physician if your symptoms include dizziness, imbalance, neck injury, or headache. The Physical Therapist will assess your ability to tolerate physical activity in a safe and monitored program of exertion to help determine when the athlete can return to sport, play, and life’s activities.

The Physical Therapist will examine your neck and jaw for pain, stiffness, and soft tissue injury. Problems in any of these areas can make your head symptoms more intense and therapy may be indicated for a short while to eliminate these problems.

You may also be dizzy or have some equilibrium problems because of your concussion. Our physical therapists have special training in vestibular rehabilitation to treat your dizziness and help restore your balance. The therapist may recommend to the Doctor that you undergo additional tests to determine the exact nature of your dizziness. This will assist the therapist in treating your dizziness and imbalance in a quick and safe manner.

Visual blurring, trouble with reading, and ocular misalignments are also common after concussion and the therapist will evaluate your condition to determine whether or not you require an individual treatment plan to help you heal. You may be instructed in specific eye exercises designed to address these visual issues.

Early intervention and a team approach in the management of head injury will help assure your full recovery from concussion and your safe return to school, work and athletics.